Don't Crash And Burn On These Two Auto Collision Repair Myths

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It's normal to get flustered after an auto collision. You need to be careful during this time, though, because the confusion can make you more susceptible to falling for a few auto collision myths that cost you time and money. Here is the truth behind two common misconceptions to help ensure you make the right decisions for your situations.

Myth #1 – You Can Only Get the Damage Appraised Once

After you're involved in an auto accident, a representative from your insurance company will appraise the damage to the vehicle to determine how much to pay on your claim. Since your insurer's goal is to keep expenses low and profits high, many companies will give the impression that you can only have your vehicle appraised once and the amount you're offered is set in stone.

This is not true at all. It's not unusual for additional damage to be uncovered once vehicle repairs are underway. If the auto repair shop tells you it found more areas that need to be fixed, have the mechanic call the insurance company and request another appraisal before they continue fixing the vehicle. This will ensure you don't get shortchanged on your insurance check or end up having to pay money out of pocket.

Myth #2 – Frame Damage Means the Vehicle Must Be Totaled

This myth is an example of something that used to be true but isn't any longer. In the past, a car that sustained frame damage had to totaled. This is because this type of damage couldn't be repaired adequately enough to provide the same level of safety it did before the accident.

However, both the technology behind auto design and auto repair has improve exponentially over the years. These days, it's entirely possible to fix a damaged frame as long as none of the structural elements have been compromised. Because of this, you can avoid having your vehicle totaled by the insurance company and the result chaos that could cause in your life.

Just be sure to have the frame examined at a body shop that handles this sort of repair. It's also a good idea to get a second opinion if the first shop declares the frame is no repairable. It's best to be double sure of the diagnosis than to get a wrong one and have to suffer the time and expense of replacing a vehicle that could've been easily repaired.

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