Accessibility Vans For Children: 3 Tips To Help You Choose

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A mobility van is essential for any person who has mobility concerns, including children. A mobility van doesn't just improve safety, but it makes your role as the parent a much easier process. Given the importance of the vehicle, careful selection is essential. To ensure you make the appropriate choice for your family, learn some key factors you should consider on your search.

1. Entire Family

The mobility vans are primarily designed to meet the mobility needs of children with special needs. However, to ensure the whole family has a safe and comfortable method of transportation, you should also consider the entire family during the selection process.

Consider the size of the family. You want to choose a mobility vehicle that offers enough space for the child and room for the rest of the family, including any pets. If the vehicle will be your primary mode of transportation, even for road trips, ensure there is plenty of cargo room for luggage storage for each person as well. 

2. Mobility Gear

Assess the type of mobility gear that your child needs to travel with. For example, if your child uses a wheelchair for transport, you need to ensure that the seating area inside the vehicle is large enough to accommodate all of their gear, comfortably. 

If the size is too tight, you run the risk of causing damage to the gear. You also want to ensure there is room for the equipment to function inside the vehicle. For instance, if you need to turn the wheelchair inside the vehicle for safe exit and entry. 

3. Child's Age

Consider the age of your child. A mobility vehicle is a considerable purchase, so you want to ensure that the vehicle will be able to accommodate their needs both now and into the future. However, the age of the child is also important because it helps you determine the type of safety features to look for. 

For instance, if the child is under the age of 12, it's essential, the vehicle does not have front-impact airbags. The force of the bag could cause serious injuries for small children if they are deployed. The vehicle should have side-impact bags in this instance. 

Visit a mobility specialist who can assist you with finding suitable handicap vans. A professional will listen to your needs and concerns and help you find a vehicle suited for your needs today, as well as your future needs.