Shaky Steering Wheel? 4 Reasons Why It's Happening

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A steering wheel that seems to vibrate or shake at every turn is more than a nuisance. The problem is an indication of a more significant problem with your vehicle; a problem that you would be wise to address. If your car is displaying this shaky behavior, learn some reasons why the issue might be occurring so that you can work toward a resolution.

1. Bearings

Wheel bearings do not get a lot of attention; however, this component plays a considerable role in your vehicle's function. The wheel bearing allows a car to turn correctly, and most important, smoothly. When the bearing is damaged, it will cause a bit of resistance when you try to turn your wheel. As a result, it might be harder to turn, and you will likely notice a vibrating like sensation whenever you try to turn your vehicle. 

2. Wheel Alignment 

A common reason for a vibrating steering wheel is poor alignment. Wheel alignment from a place like D Wells Automotive Service is responsible for keeping your vehicle steady. If you notice that your car veers to one side or the other, you know that you have an alignment issue. Wheels commonly get misaligned from regular driving. However, hitting potholes and not rotating your tires regularly can also lead to the problem. Have a wheel alignment if you suspect this issue. 

3. Suspension 

The suspension is the component of a vehicle mostly responsible for keeping the vehicle stable, as it consists of important features like a vehicle's springs and shocks. When there is a problem with the suspension system, it throws off every other system with a car, including your steering abilities and even your braking power. If the shaking seems to intensity when you accelerate, the suspension is likely to blame. 

4. Brakes 

An issue with your brake system could also be to blame for your steering wheel issues, especially if you've failed to service your brakes as recommended in the past. As your brake pads wear, they don't necessarily do so evenly. As a result, you will have some areas on the pad with more metal left than others. The unevenness creates friction whenever you press your foot on the brake pedal. The friction is then felt in the steering wheel. 

Don't ignore an issue with your vehicle. At the first sign of a vibrating steering wheel, have a certified technician look at your car to discover the source of the problem.